Welcome to Recycle Your Cycle, an innovative programme in partnership with the HM Prison Service in the UK.

Bicycle repair workshops are being set up within the prison service to assist in the rehabilitation of prisoners. These workshops provide technical and work skills for the prison students which will hopefully assist with their employment prospects. The resale of refurbished bicycles in turn supports numerous worthwhile causes. We currently work with over 20 UK based charities, helping them raise much needed additional funds.

Based on the success within the HM Prison Service, we are looking to expand this programme into the wider community. Additional workshops are to be set up targeting disadvantaged groups, providing technical training to help both young and old to learn a new trade.

We are excited to announce a collaboration with Hospice UK to bring quality refurbished products to Hospice retail outlets.

We are delighted for the 2nd year to be working with Evans Cycles on their trade-in promotion.

We will be collecting the traded in bicycles from various Evans stores and taking them to one of our 7 prison bicycles workshops where the bicycles will be fully refurbished, providing training and rehabilitation to offenders. The refurbished bicycles will then be delivered to our various Hospice partners retail outlets to help raise additional funds for UK hospices.

Welcome to Recycle Your Cycle

Unfortunately at the moment we are unable collect bicycles from individuals, only organisations who have 20+ available for us to collect. We are actively looking to set-up partnerships with organisations where people will be able to drop off their unwanted bicycles in the future. We do appreciate peoples offers of bicycles but we simply don’t have the logistics to be able to collect them at this moment in time.

Thanks for understanding,

The Recycle Your Cycle Team